Frases hechas en base a animales
Take a gander
Holy cow
Holy mackerel
Little bird told me
Fight like cats and dogs
Till the cows come home
Make a beeline
Goose who laid the golden eggs
Early bird
Night owl
Lone wolf
Social butterfly
Old crow
Lame duck
Dead duck
Puppy love
Whale of an appetite
Eat like pigs
Drink like fish
Wolf it down
Bug eyed
Cock sure
Mad as a march hare
Something the cat dragged in
Crazy as a loon
Crazy as a bedbug
Bat out of hell
Drive you buggy
Horse around
Separate sheep from goats
Fish out of water
Snails pace
Dumb bunny
Chicken with head cut off
To parrot something
To ape something
Bull in a china shop
Top dog
High horse
Pecking order
Rule the roost
Chicken feed
Pussyfoot around
Stick heads in sand like ostrich
Turn tail
Play possum
Crocodile tears
Go belly up
Clam up
Frog in the throat
Cat got your tongue
Quiet as a mouse
Tail between legs
Dog eat dog world
Doggone it
Beat dead horse
Duck the subject
Fish or cut bait
Take bull by the horns
Kill two birds with one stone
Go to the dogs
Tiger by tail
Bird's eye view
Pet peeve
In the doghouse
Get your goat
Ruffle feathers
Old buzzard
No spring chicken
Stubborn as a mule
Hound someone
Mountain out of a mole hill
Worm way into someplace
Rat fink
Stool pigeon
Let the cat out of the bag
Fly the coop
Fly in the face of something
Snake in the grass
Come out of woodwork
Open a can of worms
Smell a rat
Red herring
Dirty dog
Sling the bull
Bum steer
Wild goose chase
Barking up the wrong tree
On a wing and a prayer
Card shark
Loan shark
Hawk wares
Monkey on back
Like an albatross around neck