Traduce el siguiente diálogo y presiona en las orejas para verificar tu traducción.
At the emergency room.
Next, please.
Yes, I want to know something, please.
What is your name?
My name is Ricardo.
Spell it, please.
R | i | c | a | r | d | o |
What is your address?
My address is 763 Primavera Street.
Spell the street please.
P | r | i | m | a | v | e | r | a |
Is that "V" as in Victoria or "B" as in boy?
"V" as in Victoria.
What is your telephone number?
My telephone number is 5 5 5 - 9 7 3 3.
What is your insurance number?
My insurance number is 4 3 3 8 5 7 6 8 5 9.
That is not on a list of health insurance numbers.
That was my car insurance number.
I need your health insurance number.
Why? I do not understand.
We need the health insurance number of all our patients.
But, I am not a patient! I just came to see my friend!
Oh, sorry.