Traduce las siguientes frases, completa lo que se te pide y presiona en las orejas para verificar tus respuestas.
Big and Huge
The lion is big, but the elephant is huge.
A house is big but a mountain is huge.
Is a dinosaur huge?
A dinosaur is huge.
Tiny and small
A pebble is tiny, a rock is small, a hill is big, and a mountain is huge.
An ant is tiny, a mouse is small, a cow is big, a dinosaur is huge.
Is a mosquito tiny?
A mosquito is tiny.
Light and Dark
The day is light, the night is dark.
When the day is very sunny, we say it is bright.
The stars are bright. Bright stars are in the dark sky.
Today is bright.
Light and Heavy
A feather is light, a truck is heavy.
Question, what weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of rocks?
Fast and Slow
A cow goes slow, a horse runs fast.
A dog swims slowly. A fish swims quickly.
I walk slowly.
Rich and Poor
A millionaire has a big house and five cars. He is rich.
An English teacher lives in an apartment and drives an old car. He is poor.
A millionaire is rich.
The teacher is poor.
Much, Many, Few, A little, A little bit, Enough
I do not have much money.
Carl has many toys.
Teresa does not have many dolls, she has a few dolls.
Ann has several dolls.
Suzy has a little money.
Sam knows a little bit about computers.
I have enough to eat.
Some and All
I want some soup. Sam wants all of the soup.
Do you want some soup?
Yes, I want some soup.
Healthy and Sick
When you are healthy, you feel good.
When you are sick, you feel bad and sometimes go to see the doctor.
I am healthy.
Sharp and Dull
You cannot cut with a dull knife.
You can cut easily with a sharp knife.
I have a sharp knife.
Quiet and Loud
A mouse is quiet, a lion is loud.
The mouse is very quiet.
A lion is very loud.