Traduce el siguiente diálogo y frases. Completa lo que se te pide y presiona en las orejas para verificar tus respuestas.
In a Mexican Restaurant
Waiter, is the salsa hot?
No, sir, it was in the refrigerator.
This is too hot!
Opposites | Opuestos
Good and Bad
Vegetables and fruits are good to eat.
Paper and plastic are bad to eat.
Hamburgers are good to eat.
Hot and Cold
The summer is hot. The winter is cold.
Coffee is hot. Soda is cold. But salsa is spicy hot.
Is the sun hot or cold?
The sun is hot.
Long and Short
An arm is long, but a finger is short.
A minute is long, but a second is short.
A kilometer is long, but a meter is short.
A mile is long, but a yard is short.
Is a train long or short?
A train is long.
Young and Old
Carl is in kindergarten. He is young. He is 5 years old.
His grandfather is old. He is 82 years old.
Are you young or old?
I am young.
Hard and Soft
The glass is hard. Butter is soft.
The bed is soft. The floor is hard.
Is a feather hard or soft?
Hard and Easy
Homework is hard. Watching television is easy.
Is English hard or easy?
Thick and Thin
The book is thick. The paper is thin.
The legs of an elephant are thick. The legs of a giraffe are thin.
Are your legs thin or thick?
Early - On Time - Late
6 AM is early in the morning. 11 PM is late at night.
The teacher is early to class. The students are on time. The bus is late today.
I am late today.
Always and Never
An iceberg is always cold, it is never warm.
Fire is always hot, it is never cold.
Is snow always cold?
Snow is always cold.
Industrious, Busy and Lazy
The bee always works. It is industrious. We say "Busy as a bee".
We also say "I am busy".
The cat does not work, it sleeps all day. It is lazy.
Are you lazy or industrious?
I am industrious.