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Hello, my name is Paul Rogers.
I am a man. I am six feet one inch tall. I weigh 240 pounds.
My hair is gray and black. My eyes are hazel.
I live in a small house. My house is white.
I live in Imperial Beach, California.
My address is:
15 Tappan St.
My zip code is 9 1 9 3 2 - 2 2 3 1.
My telephone number is 6 1 9 - 5 5 5 - 3 3 3 3.
619 is the area code.
I was born in the state of Massachusetts in the city of Melrose.
The date of my birth is January 11, 1944.
I am 60 years old now.
I usually wake up at 6 o'clock.
I get up out of bed and I go to the bathroom.
I brush my teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste and shave with a razor.
I take a shower. I wash my hair.
I dry myself with a towel.
I comb my hair.
Then I get dressed.
I put on underwear. I put on my socks.
I put on my shirt. I button my shirt.
I put on my pants.
I put on my shoes and I tie my shoelaces.
Then I make breakfast.
Some days I eat cereal, with milk and fruit.
I also like to eat yogurt with fruit.
Some days I cook eggs.
Sometimes I fry my eggs in a frying pan.
Sometimes I boil my eggs in a pot.
I like to eat beans with my eggs.
I also like toast with my eggs and beans.
And I put salsa on my eggs.
I like to drink coffee.