Traduce el siguiente diálogo y presiona en cada oración para verificar tus respuestas.
May I see your driver's license and registration, please?
Certainly, Officer.
You did not stop at the stoplight.
Well I am sorry, Officer. I did not see it.
I was in too much of a hurry.
What's your hurry?
I'm going to the hospital to visit my wife.
She just had a baby.
Well, that's no excuse. The light was red.
Red? Are you sure, Officer?
Yes, I'm sure because I was right behind you.
You were to the right of me or were you behind me?
Are you being funny?
I was the next car behind you.
Excuse me, Officer. I am preoccupied.
Okay, sir, may I check your driver's license?
Are you Paul Rogers?
Yes, that's me, Paul Rogers, but the picture is not very good.
Okay, Mr. Rogers, I have to give you a ticket.
Just sign the ticket and mail it in, or you can appear before the judge.
Okay, Officer. Thank you.
Before you leave, could you tell me directions to the hospital.
Certainly, sir. You go straight for one mile.
Then turn left on Main Street until you reach the corner.
You'll see the hospital there.
Thanks again, Officer. See you later.
I hope not!