Traduce el siguiente diálogo y presiona en cada oración para verificar tus respuestas.
New movie. "The Monster Invades".
The famous actor on television prepares for his scene,
with the horrible monster that invades the hospital.
The monster enters the hospital,
and the actor a doctor, the hero, escapes into the elevator.
The scene continues. The monster destroys the electricity in the hospital.
So, the hero occupies the restaurant in the hospital behind the refrigerator.
The monster enters the kitchen and sees the doctor.
The doctor explodes a bomb in front of the monster.
The monster is cut and unconscious.
The doctor examines the ugly monster.
The monster is in critical condition.
The doctor tries to save the monster with an operation for the future of science.
The operation is complicated.
The condition of the monster deteriorates.
The doctor declares, "The operation is impossible, but I will try.
I detest this monster but I must cure this terrible creature for the future of science.
This monster tried to exterminate the human race,
but I must try an experiment to save him,
because he has a human right to exist, also."
So the doctor inoculates the monster with an experimental drug.
Another doctor protests, "This monster will exterminate us."
"No," says the hero. "We must reconstruct the monster's body for the human race.
Perhaps the monster can reform and benefit the future."
And so the monster recuperates and becomes a good citizen, joining the human race.