Datos y funciĆ³n del gobierno de los Estados Unidos. 81 a 100.
81.What are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution called?
The Bill of Rights.
82.Name one purpose of the United Nations.
For countries to discuss and try to resolve world problems, to provide economic aid to many countries.
83.Where does Congress meet?
In the Capitol in Washington, D.C.
84.Whose rights are guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?
Everyone (citizens and non-citizens) living in the U.S.
85.What is the introduction to the Constitution called?
The Preamble.
86.Name one benefit of being a citizen of the United States.
You can obtain federal government jobs, travel with a U.S. passport, petition for close relatives to come to the U.S. to live.
87.What is the most important right granted to U.S. citizens?
The right to vote.
88.What is the United States Capitol?
The place where Congress meets.
89.What is the White House?
The president's official home.
90.Where is the White House located?
Washington, D.C. (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.)
91.What is the name of the president's official home?
The White House.
92.Name the rights guaranteed by the first amendment.
Freedom of: speech, press, religion, peaceable assembly, and requesting changes to the government.
93.Who is the Commander in Chief of the U.S. military?
The President.
94.Which president was the first Commander in Chief of the U.S. military?
George Washington.
95.In what month do we vote for the president?
96.In what month is the new president inaugurated?
97. How many times may a Senator be re-elected?
There is no limit.
98. How many times may a congressmember be re-elected?
There is no limit.
99.What are the two major political parties in the U.S.?
Democratic and Republican.
100.How many states are there in the United States today?